Saturday, April 7, 2018

Post card exchange by Elm Street Quilts

Elm Street Quilts

We all have blogs we read, follow, appreciate. And then there are blogs that become among our favourite blogs to read. I don't remember how I first stumbled upon Patty's blog Elm Street Quilt, somewhere last year ....... And I became an avid reader. So when she proposed for readers to participate in a post card exchange, I did not hesitate. I had never made post cards, and this would be a way of learning something new, and use my stash as much as possible. Of course by sending a post card to someone unknown, also implied that I would receive a quilted card from someone unknown. After all there were 100 cards to be send, so the likelihood that I would receive a card from a quilter I knew were very very small. Needless to say that I love surprises.

As part of the exchange we were asked to provide one word as an indication for our quilting friend to work around. My favourite colour is blue, so no surprise here, I wrote blue.

And then it was waiting for my card to arrive, while I made mine.

The card arrived in a plastic see through envelope and was happy that it indeed arrived, because it is sooo cute. I wondered how many post workers went ooh and ah over the card as it came from the US to Europe.

The card has three little birds in a nest, all blue, and each a different fabric. Thank you Tammy,I love it, my kids love it.

Tammy used a different technique than I did. She had cut the fabric and appliqued it to the back ground fabric and embroidered "hello" on the card. The inner layers are batting and a carton layer all then sewn together with a blue thread.

This card gave me lots of ideas on how to make more myself. As I emailed Tammy to thank her, I joked that I saw a lot of fabric post cards in my future. And with my new sewing machine, I need to practice on lots of little projects to try out all the stitches.

As I was making my card I used Patty's instructions. They were very clear and helped me go through the process. While surfing for ideas I did a search for quilted postcards and found so many cards out there. And sites explaining how to make them and you tube videos.

I wrote about the making of my post card "grey" and made pictures of the different stages of my card

Once we had made our card, Patty has set up a page where we could upload our post cards. All ready to be published on post card parade day.

I am joined today by the following bloggers who are writing a post about the post card exchange. My big question now is of course when the next post card exchange will be.

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  1. Beautiful postcards. I love seeing everyone creations

  2. The postcard with the little birds is so cute I can see why your kids love it. I really love the postcard you made which has a beautiful abstract design.

  3. The little birds in a nest is so sweet and represents home so well!

    I am enjoying the blog much fun creativity including your geometric postcard!

  4. These are so fun! I love how she created the nest. It sure looks like a cozy place for the birds to hang out!

  5. Nice job, both of you! The bird nest is so creative, full of texture.

  6. I enjoyed reading about your making of the grey postcard. And the card you received is just too cute. What a treasure!

  7. What a wonderful post and thank you for the kind words about my blog. I am so glad you were part of the postcard swap and our blog hop!