Wednesday, March 6, 2019

OMG March CRQ to finish

It is that time of the month again, time to decide what I am going to make this month that will qualify as a One Monthly Goal project hosted by Patty at Elm Street Quilts. This month there is no doubt to what I am going to do: finish my Cross Roads Quilt. The top is done, the backing is done and I have sandwiched the two layers with a batting.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Lavender socks

My lavender socks are finished. Started knitting last year October .... or maybe even earlier. The first sock was finished rather quickly, the second sock took its time. So many other projects to finish were competing. Also wasn't sure if I could take all needles through airport security.

The future pair of socks ended up on my FAL Q4 2018 list, and as I had not finished them, they were included on my FAL 2019 Q1 list. I used West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, colour scheme "forget me not" from the Signature 4 Ply floral collection together with violet.

I have enough left to make a second pair of socks ....

Linking up with FAL 2019 Q1, project 3 of my list, 2 out of 5 done.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Nautical quilt top

Slava wanted a quilt in blue. I had ordered the cutest blue fabric from Higgs & Higgs and we choose the design from the The Cake Mix Quilt book from Fat Quarter Shop.

I started by cutting the 10 inch blocks as I did not have the recipe cards and figured I would wing it. If my blocks would be an inch smaller or larger it would not matter as they would all be the same design. In the end my half square triangles were exactly the size they had to be and my blocks were 16.5 inches as required. Once all the squares were cut, the hst sewn, assembling all blocks went pretty fast. I laid out the hst's in layers, ensuring the order was the same for all little blocks and sew 6 blocks in an afternoon. A few days later sew 6 more blocks. They were pretty big so I decide to make four blocks less and only 12 in total.

Once all 12 blocks were done the puzzling started. I had three designs and each design was in two colours, either the background was white and the sea animals were in blue, or the background was in blue and the sea animals in white. I alternated the blue and white background blocks and loved the way it was coming together.

For the sashing I deviated from the original pattern as the idea was that the half square triangles would float. If I would make the sashing in white, the quilt would be toooooo white. I used dark blue, almost the same as the blue in the blocks for the sashing and the border and loved the result.

I managed to sew all together just before I left for Ethiopia for work. Next step, buy blue fabric for the backing and binding, order the batting on-line and next month finish the quilt. Most likely he will not use the quilt this winter, unless we have a few cold nights in April.

Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal for February over at Elm Street Quilts. I enjoy participating and being inspired.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

OMG February A quilt for my youngest

My youngest needs his own quilt. I had made one for my eldest, one for my daughter and so far my youngest did not want one. He just wanted to use my Mexican blanket. I did buy some fabric of course, in blue colours with sea animals. Shall I make you one? No. OK. And then this fall, I put my batik BSB quilt one evening on his bed as he was cold. Couldn't find the Mexican blanket. And he loved the light weight of the quilt. Shall I make you one? With the blue fabric? Yes, please.

He choose the Marzipan quilt from the book The Cake Mix Quilt book designed by Sew Emma at the @fatquartershop.

As the book does not come with the pattern measurements, the idea is that one buys the recipe cards separately, at first I was not sure how to move forward. I read again, and thought, oh well, lets just start. So I cut a bunch of 10" squares.

My One Monthly Goal for February is to make the top of the quilt, i.e. cutting the fabric, sewing the blocks and and assembly all of it. This is organized by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts and thanks to this, I actually end up quilting something every month and making progress.

Not sure how far I will get as I will travel the second half of February. And this quilt will be machine quilted so cannot bring it along. Am thinking I should start the hand pieced QAL, as it would be a perfect airplane project.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Black & White tablerunner

My friend, who bought a new apartment last year, gave me one of my first quilt books. So, ever since I wanted to make her something. First, of course, I had to learn how to quilt .... well at least quilt properly. After a lot of practicing it was time to make her something. In Black & White as these are her favourite colours for her interior.

Her kitchen in the new place was already in Black & White colours, simplifying the colour choice. As it is her birthday this month, thought it would be nice to make her a table runner, that she could also use in the kitchen. In B&W of course.

I used black fabric that I combined with my African B&W batik and some white fabric. For the pattern I used the "Lazy angle" block. This block I made as part of my BSB quilt. Making it in B&W should give some nice contrasts.

The end result: a table runner with 5 Lazy angle blocks, the sharp contrast makes the pattern really stand out. And a happy friend.

Linking up with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for the January One Monthly Goal.

Linking up with FAL 2019 Q1, project 2 of my list, 1 out of 5 done.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Finish A Long 2019 quarter 1

Last year I participated for the first time in the Finish-A-long 2018, in the last quarter. I work very well with deadlines, and ever since I started participating in the One Monthly Goal, I make at least one quilt related object, be it a block for a larger quilt, assemble the top or make a baby quilt. Making a list on my blog of pending projects will be the next step.

In 2018, I finished two large quilt tops and they were waiting to be quilted. My internal blockage to actually finish them did not help in finalizing these two beauties. Doing the actual quilting was not my strongest point. In December, I managed to overcome my blockage in moving forward and finalized the huge BSB quilt..

For FAl 2018, Q4, my list was pretty long as I had a few smaller projects to finish. One was this jacket that I was working on for three years. Oh the pressure of publicly admitting to a non-finished project (that is coming out of my ears, so much I despise it). Followed by the joy of finishing the loathed project. This first quarter of 2019 my list will be shorter. For several reasons: I want to finish the quilt top that I did not finish last year and secondly, I need to go through my bag with unfinished projects and see what to work on.

My Q1 optimistic projects list therefore is:

1. Cross Road Quilts
This project is one of my 2018 Q4 list. I have meanwhile ordered the batting so there is no reason not to finish. And I have decided how to quilt the beauty, straight and diagonal lines, mirroring the diagonal lines of the quilt.

2. Table runner for my friend
It is my friend's birthday this month and I want to make her a table runner in black and white. The pattern is the lazy angle block, the contrast between black and white fabric combined with matching African batik in B&W as well should really bring out the pattern. Or that is what I hope for.

3. Lavender colour socks
The socks are from my Q4 list as well. I have started the second sock and will take it with me traveling next week. Unless I get around digging out a forgotten knitting.

4. Ross blanket
Another project from my Q4 list. I did manage to crochet a few rows over the Christmas holidays. And I think this blanket is one of those projects that will never get finished if I will not "force" myself to work on it. So once my projects 1 - 3 of my list are finalized I will work on this at least twice a week, even if only for half an hour. Let's see in three months how far I will be.

5. Quilt for my youngest.
He has chosen the design, I have bought the fabric and cut the blue 10 inch squares needed for the blocks. White fabric is purchased waiting for cutting. Now that I am no longer afraid of tackling large quilts, I will "waste" less time in circling around the quilt. After all the quilt will not bite me if I make a mistake.

Linking up with the lovely group of bloggers hosting the FAL 2019. Thank you for your generosity and linking us creatively.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

OMG January - Black & White tablerunner

A friend of mine bought a new apartment last year. One of the plusses of the new place was that the kitchen was already in Black&White colours. As it is her birthday this month, thought it would be nice to make her a table runner, that she could also use in the kitchen. In B&W of course.

I bought black fabric that I aim to combine with my African B&W batik and some white fabric. For the pattern I am going to use the "Lazy angle" block. This block I made as part of my BSB quilt. Making it in B&W should give some nice contrasts.

Am linking up with One Monthly Goal organized by Patty at Elm Street Quilts.

Monday, December 31, 2018


My last finished project of the year, the poncho. I needed a crafty something to take along in the plane, for my trip to Nairobi, Kenya and to Jakarta, Indonesia. Still not done, I took it with me to the Netherlands early December, the flight was very bumpy and it kept my hands busy. Rather knitting than showing my kids I was not at ease. It worked, they did not notice a thing and while knitting I could tell them that we were doing fine.

I was almost done after my family trip, just needed some 20 rows of knitting. They were done rather fast. Last night I sewed all parts together and am ready to wear it to the office after the holidays.

The yarn I bought on-line when I had to buy two balls of yarn to finish my cognac colored cardigan, after all, only ordering two balls and paying postage was not really cost effective. The pattern and yarn were sold as a package, and it went straight in to my shopping cart.

The yarn is from Filato, Lana Grossa, Allegro made in Italy. I knitted with two strands at the same time and used a circular needle size 8 mm, 80 cm. The pattern was pretty simple, knit two rectangular pieces and sew these together.

The end result is a very colorful poncho that will look nice on a pair of black pants or jeans.

Linking up with FAL 2018, project 6 of my list, 7 out of 10 done.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Legwarmers for my daughter

Alesya wanted socks, just not ordinary socks, no she wanted hand-made socks by me. And although I was happy to make her socks, the thought that they might be too small in a short time and therefore only used a few months seemed to be a pity. Legwarmers were the perfect answer. I used WYS yarn, Pink Flamingo cocktail sock yarn.

They became my on-the-go project, while stuck in traffic jams, or at the GP. Before Christmas one was done and during the holidays made the second one. Every time I had some 10 minutes, I took out the second legwarmer. I used dpn's 3mm for the rib part and a small circular needle 2.75mm for the knit part. I set up 54 stitches and knitted a total of 35 cm. The second one was done in no-time. Holidays are great for finishing projects.

Linking up with FAL 2018, project 7 of my list, 6 out of 10 done.

Cognac coloured cardigan

In December 2017 I bought lovely recycled yarn in a shop in the Netherlands. Already that summer I had eyed the yarn (Lana Grossa, Solo Lino), however was not sure if it would go well with the silk fabric I had waiting to be made in to a skirt. So when I went to the Netherlands again ended up buying the necessary yarn (well, I was one ball short). I started knitting, shortening the front and back panel to compensate that I was 50 gr short. Then knitted one sleeve and realized I was not going to make it, not enough. While in the Netherlands over summer (2018) went back to the shop, and none available. Went to the site of the manufacturer and out of stock. In October the yarn was available again and I ordered two balls. Meanwhile I had knitted the two sleeves top down, at least if there was a colour difference, it would be the same for both sleeves.

The aim was to finish the sleeves and assemble all before Christmas, which was the case. Am quite happy with the cardigan and the yarn used. I will definitely be making a cardigan with this yarn.

Linking up with FAL 2018, quarter 4. Project 5 of my list is done. Five out of ten, not bad am halfway and still have 10 days left to see what I can finalize.