Friday, September 7, 2018

Making the backing of the CRQ - OMG

July and August flew by, it is September, the weather is still great, temperatures around 25 degrees Celcius, and am still in the summer mood. We all still wear summer clothes and sandals and the blankets are still in the closet.

September is going to be a busy month, kids back to school, activities to sign up for, yearly visit of the kids with the GP, checking all clothes from last winter and spring, buying what is needed.

My list of WIPs is quite long and there are a few must-finishes. A good thing I participate in the One Monthly Goal organized by Patty at Elm Street Quilts as this makes me at least move forward on my quilting projects.

So, as time is limited, will aim to make the backing of my Cross Roads Quilt. If I have extra time, will try to finish non-quilting WIPs. The top is finished so by making the backing I should be able to finish the quilt this year.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

OMG August - Baby boy quilt

This summer I wanted to be craftsy - I spent a few days making a baby quilt - actually took two days off to work on it. I always wondered how some of the quilters manage to make so many creative projects ...... and well the answer I assume is ..... concentration, making time in the day (or evening) and just get going. It also means that other things not get done. I am supposed to work on the projects of my to finish list (or do list). The baby quilt was not on my to do list, however it qualified (oh how we always find an excuse) as I used mainly fabric I had bought earlier this year to make a baby quilt in "girly" colours. I went out and bought one yellow and one green/turquoise fabric and for the backing bought green fabric. The quilt thus is less red/pinkish. When taking the pictures of the finished product the yellow jumped in to my face.

For the top, as last time I made quite a number of 5 inch squares, followed by making half square triangles. Once I had 60 hsq's, I laid them out and took a picture. This helps me in seeing if the colours layout is interesting. Once I had sewn the rows together I took another picture. This is useful to detect any mistakes, sure enough there was one. At this stage it is easier to rip some seems.

The rows were sewn in pairs going one way, the pairs were sewn together in the opposite direction to ensure that the end result would be a (more or less) straight quilt. As I progress, I also end up purchasing more useful tools ..... in this case quilter's safety pins .... and I used them to attach all three layers (top, basting and back).

Sewing time. And as part of the learning process ended up using different motives of free motion quilting. My machine did not like me making loops and the thread broke of several times. So annoying. I tried a few different line styles with the FMQ foot and with the walker foot. I enjoyed making the quilt. However as I quilted quite a bit, not leaving much space between the different lines, I ended up using quite a large number of yards of thread.

I am linking up my August One Monthly Goal organized by Patty of Elm Street Quilts.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Baby boy quilt

A friend had a baby boy. Years ago I knitted baby gifts. Now that I have discovered how much I like quilting I try to make baby quilts. So this months' aim is to make a small quilt. I will use fabrics from my stash that I had bought early in the year for my happy baby quilt. Just need to change a few colours, no pink and more yellow.

For the backing I bought green fabric. Looking forward working on this project.

This is my participation in August's One Monthly Goal organized by Patty at Elm Street Quilts. The minimum to make is the top, ideally I also sandwich the quilt this month.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

144 half square trianges

I am on a little break and as the temperatures were too high to work in the garden, thought that I could sew more for the top of my Cross Roads Quilt. Finishing this is my objective for Patty's One Monthly Goal for July at Elm Street Quilts. Each month am happy that I participate as it pushes me to sign up and finish.

I started with making 144 half square triangles. When I purchased the kit, a roll of paper pre-printed with the right size for sewing and cutting was part of the package. I had seen the rolls before, however using paper ..... one time only ..... kept me skeptical.

I did enjoy making the squares, it did take quite some time though.

Will I buy the paper in the future, not sure. Have not seen it in Europe and with the shipping the costs are quite high. There are quite a few different methods for making the hst, including my special ruler. The best would clearly to improve my skills with the ruler.

Once done and all the paper removed I made strips of 6 hst, measured the length needed for the four strips and started sewing sets of 6 hst strips to make the hst border on my top. When done I wasn't happy with the look. And at that moment I realized that I had forgotten to add first the white border. Argghhhh. Had to remove all the hst strips! Ok, I should also add that maybe because the French team was playing the semi-finals and I was listening with half an ear to what was happening .... clearly my mind was not 100% on my quilting process.

Removing the hst strips took me some time as I did not want to damage the fabric. Once removed, added the white border, measured out the new length of the hst strips and this time my top looked much better. Three more strips of borders were required (yellow, green and red) and while another match was on last night I finished the top completely.

Result: am in love

I just love the colours, although brown and green are not my favourite colours, the combination with the many reds and yellow make it a lovely top.

Today the temperatures are lower, so maybe will end up working a bit in my garden.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

OMG July

It is goal setting time and I have to choose.

This is a difficult choice and all about being (staying) realistic and choose from all the ideas competing for attention in my head. A friend had a baby boy and I would love to make a quilt, will I have time, not sure ..... And then there are the on-going projects such as my Bella Skill Builder that needs quilting now that the top is done and originally I had planned that for July ..... However now that I have been working every month on my Cross Roads Quilt also want to finish this ......

Almost finished is a dress for my daughter that she will wear the end of the month for a birthday celebration, the famous red silk jacket on which I have now been working easily three years and that I absolutely want to get out of the way .....

In the end my CRQ won as my quilting One Monthly Goal objective; finishing the top. I need to cut the background colour, make an awful lot of 2" half triangle squares, sew them all together and add the outer-boards. Linking up with Elm Street Quilts' OMG for July.

Friday, June 29, 2018

CRQ June OMG finish

I love the month of June, the evenings are longer, the weather is often the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. What makes the month crazy is all the school and music activities.

Early June Alesya participated in the Judo competition at regional level, the highest she can go in her category and age. We were gone with the group of other judokas and parents the whole weekend. The week thereafter Alexei had his yearly rock concert where his group plays. We had great fun, he played very good and lots of compliments on what a great drummer he is.
The following evening Slava had the acoustic evening. All the pupils who play an instrument or are in the general music classes once a week have singing class. At the end of the year they sing. My poor youngest, he was soo tired and kept on yawning and stretching and so completely not wanted to be there. But once on stage there is no escape. Maybe next year I will spare him this torture and he will just not participate in the year end show.

Then the third weekend of June we had more events. On Saturday afternoon my DHB went paragliding, and I came along with him. It was such a great late afternoon high up with a great view on the lake of Annecy. I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

The fourth weekend of June more musical events. The 21st of June is fete de la musique (music feast). Our village celebrated the Friday and Saturday. It was so nice to be out there, the kids all playing on the village square. On Sunday morning we got up quite early to take our boat on the lake. At 9:30AM we were out, just in time as many more early risers arrived. In the weekends one has to arrive around 9ish or9.30ish. After the wait is too long to put your boat in the water and parking spots are no longer available. Same for getting out, either before 4PM, or wait until after 6PM.

All in all, lots of events and not much time for crafting. I did manage to assemble all my blocks. I took out my quilt in progress and realized that one of the seems was not done properly. That will be fixed before I add the borders. A good thing I took the top out for a picture.

Herewith linking up with Patty from Elm Street Quilts and the One Monthly Goal for June. Thank you once more for keeping me on track.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Crossroads quilt - OMG June

So far, so good, am slowly making progress on the Crossroads quilt. Have finished all the 35 blocks and this month my aim is to assemble all the blocks. My bonus will be if I manage to finish the top part completely. There are so many beautiful quilts passing by at Patty's Elm Street Quilts, and I first have to finish my CRQ.

This months is going to be quite a busy month, it is the end of the school year, and with that all the concerts in which my two boys participate. My daughter was selected for the regional judo competition this past weekend. She did not make it to the finals, participating was already quite something. She is third in her category at departmental level, and I am very proud of her. I did get to knit a little while going there as I was car sharing.

So my One Monthly Goal for June will assembling all the blocks. Ideally over summer I want to finish this quilt completely. Let's see how far I get. One step at a time.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Project 16 African batik pants for my daughter

My daughter is growing, all summer pants from last year (and the year before) were too small. Lucky for me she loves the vibrant batiks I have, she choose the one she wanted pants from. To keep it simple, I used the pattern for shorts of last year, lengthened the legs and finished the pants in maybe an hour or two. I made them baggy, so she can wear them over summer when it is warm, and grow in them. Most likely next year they will be ankle length.

Today she is wearing them with a pink t-shirt. Maybe Thursday she can wear them with an orange t-shirt, or green, or red .......

Project 15 - A bed for my eldest

My eldest is in secondary school. So it was time for him to have a room on his own. We had a local handyman isolate the guest room and give it all a good paint.

So finally last week I managed to go and buy him a mezzanine bed with a desk underneath. As we no longer have a guestroom, I told him that he could sleep in the blue room. However, each time we would have quests, he would sleep with his younger brother and the guests would have the blue room.

Yesterday afternoon we spent time mounting the bed and desk. It was not too complicated, just took quite some time. Once the bed was done we reshuffled some of the book cases.

Pending is shortening the curtains in his room.

May 27, 2018

Project 14 CRQ 18 Chain blocks

The chain blocks are the last blocks in the series of blocks for my Crossroads quilt, I needed a total of 18 blocks. I love the red colours of this set. Even the brown colours come alive with the reds.

I divided the work in different sets of tasks, making the four little two-coloured squares first. Followed by the center part. It had to have a scrappy look, knowing myself I had to bring in some order. I choose 4 different colours for the centerpiece, used two for the opposite sites of each square and did not plan the other two. How adventurous. It took me a few evenings to finish the 18 blocks, and was happy to finish them this weekend.

I am happy to say that I met my One Monthly Goal for May. It included both the Intersection and Chain block. Thank you Patty from Elm Streets Quilts for keeping me on track.

26 May